Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My First Ever Body Model - Schoolgirl Style

This is it! This is the model that I am going to use for my Schoolgirl scene. I am pleased with the edge loops, and I'm satisfied with the way it's smoothing. I am still struggling with the scapular area and I need to finesse it, but this is the essence of my character's model. Considering I've been working in Maya for over two years now, I am surprised that I've never before attempted a full body model - my previous demos included only environments and hard surface modelling. Since I enjoy drawing characters so much, I must admit that this was an enjoyable 3D experience, as well as a great lesson - I learned a lot about organic polygon modelling. What I found most difficult was how to show the flow and the interlocking of muscle forms while maintaining well constructed quads and edge loops, and staying true to my design: a stylized, comic-book-esque human. It's not a perfect model, and I know I have tons yet to learn, but I'm really proud of what I was able to do on my first try.
Now, it is time I move on to her head model. Wish me luck!