Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Schoolgirl - Rough Costume

Having just seen Disney's Frozen last night - watching breathless the entire time because of the movie's lavish artwork: character and environment designs, lighting, shading and texturing, and of course, animation - it is difficult to return to my own efforts to model something even 10% as appealing as Disney's CG Princesses. They have "stunning" down to a design science when it comes to facial proportions and shapes (especially in their female leads.) I can't get over how pretty Elsa is. I would endure another 108 minutes of Broadway Musical Storytelling and Sing-Songing just to see her again. 

Having divulged all that, I know I must see the work of the professionals as a source of inspiration and a goal to work towards, and thus I trudge forwards, knowing that each character I design and model is going to be better than the previous one. One day, mine may even be as pretty as a Princess.