Friday, January 31, 2014

Rap Viper - Bunker Scene

This is my pièce de résistance! The Bunker! This was the most fun to do - even the research and reference collecting was really interesting. I love the idea of underground buildings; I even considered making a Berm Home for myself in the future, though I'm still not convinced it's a good idea.

Everything in these shots was designed and modelled by myself, except for the brutelights - Amanda found a really good version online - they're quite beautiful upon close inspection. Everything is shaded and textured and lit also by myself. I do enjoy all of these steps, but lighting is truly my favourite; I feel like I force myself through the first three just so I can get to lighting. I'm sure I've said this before, but it is the most exciting way to instantly change the entire mood of your scene. It's fantastic.

I will continue to blog about this project once I have completed editing together the final music video beside my rendered beauty shots (for the sake of comparison) that I submitted to the creative director, Adam.