Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2014 Schoolism Live Workshop

The wonderful people of Schoolism hosted three truly inspiring artists this weekend at the 2014 Toronto Schoolism Live Workshop - Marcelo Vignali, Nathan Fowkes, and Paul Lasaine - teaching Fractal Figure Drawing, Environment Design, and Photoshop for Painters (respectively.) While all three men were incredible speakers, brimming with knowledge, fervor, and zeal for their profession, it was Marcelo's motivational anecdotes that left me nearly in tears. His story filled me with some desperately needed conviction and hope for my future as an artist. His best advice? In order to succeed, you have to be so stubborn as to border on the delusional - you have to keep saying yes! when everyone is telling you no. Or as another optimist would say:

Never give up, never surrender!

Below are a few examples of the sketches I drew of the model during Marcelo's class.