Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Feb Fatale 3 - I Don't See A Dog, Do You See A Dog?

This is the game Leisha-Marie Riddel and I made (with help from Douglas Gregory for the v. important higher level Unity programming - thank you, Doug!) for DMG's most recent game jam - Feb Fatale 3 - and it was a wonderful experience. The theme was "Killer Interfaces," so Lei and I did some brainstorming beforehand and came up with a bunch of killer ideas that we didn't end up using at all (hahaaa.) 

This is the title screen. Leisha was awesome and did all of the 2D and colour work, which ended up being a 3D anaglyph (the red/blue tinted glasses) aesthetic for the sake of the game mechanic. She also made the foundation of the game in Unity (even though she is not a developer - great work, Lei.) I did the 3D modelling and some basic animation.

We decided to make the entire game Pomeranian themed because we both love them (and Lei's Mum has one - a beautiful little guy named Pixie.) 

Our game is two-player co-op, where one player wears red-tinted glasses, the other wears a blue pair, and they can each see the parts of the maze that their partner can't. They then guide their partner through the maze to the end (where there's a dog bone prize.)

It is kind of hard to tell what's going on unless you have the glasses on, but it's such a neat effect when you're playing with your partner. It's terrifying to watch them walk over parts of the maze that you can't see, and it's uncomfortable to be guided onto parts of the maze that you can't see. The game is really just a trust exercise.